UI/UX words are the heart of any web development company. So What are top UX Design Trends? Think of a website that is full of information and has loads to offer in terms of content but is too difficult to navigate. If the website is not user-friendly, to say the least,  the chances are you may not visit the website again!

No matter how amazing a website is, if it’s not user friendly, it’s not considered as desirable. Gone are those days when Internet used to be on-way static medium. It’s now evolved into a rich and interactive experience. Unlike the traditional days, when design decisions were based on what looked good and what client need, today it’s based on enhancing the user experience and is called as UX. It may sound like a buzzword but UX is not about screens or interfaces, it is about people.

Check out the latest trends in the world of UX design.

Design beyond Apps and Screens:

Consumers demand more designs daily. Development of new ways like apps to deliver interactions via screens are in trends from several years. It’s old and past. Artificial intelligence and wearable gadgets are the new technologies which signify new ways to interact.

Anticipatory Designs:

The ability to predict the design and deliver the best possible experience is called as Anticipatory design. Designers are thinking future fast, they are in state where they create and give the users what they want even before users know what they want.

Focus on Core Aspects of Design:

To survive in this changing and challenging world of digital, you should innovate more complex designs. Businesses are treating design as a core skill to be a must. You can expect some organizations to provide design training to their employees in future years.

Increase in Voice Recognition and Gesture Based Designs:

In upcoming years, you can expect the progression of user experience in such a way that voice recognition technology can be on the stage. It is also an emerging one as the most accessible input. Along with touch input, we can see rise in the use of gestures.

UX Designers Align:

Organizations are getting more user focuses day by day. User Experience should not be the sole responsibility of designers. Until you gain this alignment across your organizations, you cannot effectively evolve the practice of User Experience Design.

Designing for Real World:

Today, it has become more important to incorporate world context as customers interact with applications at a time, location and device. Design tools help in bringing the real world data into the visual and interaction design process, enable simulation on devices inputs such a user location, in this way the designer gets closer to reality without leaving their tool of choice.

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