Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

According to recent researches, the count of total number of websites hit more than 1 billion in the world. With that number, how can you ensure that your business is standing out? With a perfect digital marketing strategy!

The better your strategy is, the better are your chances to shine and getting more potential customers and more traffic to your website. Digital Marketing strategies are very essential to take advantage of growing opportunities over the internet. If you are still new to digital marketing world, Check out the below tips to understand how can you relate and create your own digital marketing strategy to your business.


  • Set the Objective of the Business:


Understand the clear goal you want to achieve via your business. Set your objectives which you are expecting via digital marketing. Expect the results and based on the results you may tweak your efforts more and strategies slightly to accommodate whatever brings the best results.

  • Create your digital marketing calendar:
    • Use Google Calendars and create your own timeline - that way you can share it with your team and allow them to edit wherever necessary.
    • Focus more and highlight on the key campaigns which you think are important and run at the key times of the year/throughout the year. Allocate a timeframe for each campaign.
    • To ensure the success for each campaign, document the digital channels and don’t lose tracking.
    • Create a measure and monitor plan(which tracks the effectiveness as your KPIs)
  • Setting KPIs:
    • Identify your KPIs for achieving
    • Get your KPIs realistic by analyzing your previous digital marketing efforts.
    • Measure your KPIs - by using tools by Google Analytics to measure the conversions and leads which you get.


  • Analyze Previous work and Learn from Mistakes:


Analyze your existing works and plan for the future. Going through past success and failure stories can give you the best plan for your business strategy.

How to Analyze:

  • Determine the time period you would like to analyze
  • Set your Google Analytics Calendar to match this timeframe
  • Try Google’s benchmarking Reports in your Analytics account for comparing your progress to your competitors
  • Analyze your competitor’s moves too and create an analysis spreadsheet of their online activities
  • Check the success of individual elements of your strategy at respective time intervals
  • If you think the strategy is not working, isolate different elements and try to identify the element which is not working as per expectations and take necessary steps.
  • Revisit your previous analysis, personas and budget allocation and try something new.
  • Create a clearly defined KPIs for your new strategy.


  • Focus on your target audience:


You know who are your target audience. Keep them in mind while setting KPIs. Plan accordingly for budget and channel selection over internet world.

Develop useful Image:

  • Start with the basics and note down all the demographic information you know about your target customer - like age, gender, location etc.
  • Dig a little deeper and identify the problems you can help your target persona solve.
  • Delve into their emotional desires, goals, aspirations and fears. Document all the factors that could make them tick.
  • Deep dive into “Audience Reports” of Google Analytics account to verify key characteristics of your target image - like age, gender, career etc.
  • When creating your personas this is the perfect time to identify the people who will be influencing them. These are the influencers whom you need to target.


  • Identify your means and Stick to your Budget:


There are three important things for identifying your means. They are:

  • Budget:
    • Define your overall digital marketing budget
    • Analyze previous data accordingly to your budget and make interpretations
    • Decide if you opt for paid promotion (Adwords, Paid Ads on social media)
    • Allocate budget for each channel you planned for paid promotion.
    • If any channel/strategy is not bringing you results you desire, revisit and invest the allocated budget figure to the channel that is bringing you the best results.
  • Digital Channels:
    • Review your current digital marketing channels and decide which channels to keep and which ones to invest on.
    • Articulate what each digital channel is trying to achieve
    • Make sure you have at least one KPI attached to each of your digital channels for tracking and measuring its effectiveness.
  • Team:
    • Allocate the work to the current team based on each person’s capabilities(ensure no one is underallocated or overallocated)
    • Identify if you need more people to complete the work on time. Hire more if necessary.
    • If you are not willing to hire, is there any option to outsource? Think and take a decision accordingly.
    • Review each team member’s work individually and brainstorm few ideas with the team for future strategy

Sounds very easy right? But it requires lot of patience, focus and experience to carry it on your shoulders and lead every channel and every single click which you spend on.

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